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If you’re a homeowner with pets, you likely know the value of modifying your home to accommodate your lifestyle as a pet owner. One of the ways you can improve your home to make caring for your pets easier is to put in pet-friendly garage door installations. These simple home improvements will make your garage a nicer place for your pets to spend time in, especially when you’re there with them.

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For example, you could consider installing a pet door in your garage door. This is particularly useful for cat owners who want to let their cats spend time outside but don’t want them coming into the house with critters they caught. You can give your cat a safe, comfortable, always available space to escape from the outside world if you put a cat door in your garage door.

If you do need to leave your pet in the garage for any amount of time, consider insulating your garage door. Insulation panels are easy garage door installations for homeowners to handle on their own, but professionals can handle them too. An insulated door will make the garage a more comfortable space for you and your pets to enjoy at any time of year.