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Getting a dog is an exciting experience, especially when they’re young. Their minds are more receptive to the learning of commands, respecting the handler, and self-curbing their impulses. One of the ways to teach a dog the key commands is to take them to dog training classes where both handler and dog learn how to comport themselves in various ways. Dog training classes are a great way to teach a dog how to behave in a social situation, respond to commands, and to respect boundaries.

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All dogs benefit from being taught certain key commands that form the basis of their training, and are used to build upon over time.

Sit and stay are two of the most important commands that a dog needs to learn. These two commands focus the dog’s attention on the handler and make the dog disengage its hindquarters. Combining focus with disengagement of the hindquarters reduces the effect of nearby distractions that can potentially stimulate the dog to disobey the handler. When a dog understands these two key commands, it’s more responsive to the handler, is more easily recalled when its running for play or work, and is receptive to the introduction of other commands. A dog can learn these commands in dog training classes, but they can also be taught by a handler who’s willing to put in the work of reinforcing the meaning of these commands.