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In this video by UF Health, you’ll get a general idea of what you can expect at UF Large Animal Hospital at the University of Florida.

Horses are some of the large animals you’ll commonly see being taken care of at the hospital. People are drawn to horses because they’re great animals to keep around.

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And that’s why many kids – both boys and girls – around the world want a horse or pony.

Most parents shrug off the idea of buying a horse for their children. But what they don’t realize is that having a horse at home can provide an immensely fantastic experience for the whole family – and not just the kids.

When you have a horse on your property, you’ll have an opportunity to be active and get much-needed exercise. Riding involves moving a lot of muscles in the body. But apart from that, even feeding, brushing, and training the horse can take much physical effort.

As opposed to gifting your children with the latest video game console, giving them a horse can provide them with a chance to get up from the couch.

Keep in mind that you should know the fundamentals of horse care before even bringing home one. Apart from learning how to feed it, you also need to know what to do and which animal hospital you can take it to in case of emergencies.