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Are you looking for a way to get back on track without risk your health? Most of us are—the amount of activity that people put themselves through on a daily basis can take a tremendous toll on one’s health, coupled with lack of adequate materials to help prevent health problems. Often, they’re back from participating in certain activities that require a substantial amount of energy. Typically, arthritis is the leading cause of debilitation among athletes and exercise enthusiast which prevents from any type of high-energy activities—the effects of arthritis prove unbearable for some, ultimately limiting their lifestyle. Fortunately, there are great alternatives instead of suffering in silence and missing out on all the fun by watching from the sidelines.

What Are Back On Track Products?

Back on Track specializes in ankle brace socks that help prevent the long-term effects of bone related issues. Specifically, products are aimed towards both horse-lovers and equestrians to benefit themselves and their horses from further bone deterioration through an arthritic knee brace. An animal’s health is essential to their activity and overall behavior—certain preemptive measures must be taken to maintain them especially when they participate in competitions, such as magnetic hock boots for horses. The horse’s physical attributes also take a significant toll on its health, with an average horse weighing up to 2,200 pounds their legs don’t always sustain the high-energy movements required for competition. Therefore, horses often have multiple sustained injuries that include bowed tendons and unusual posture that can take a prolonged 8-11 months, on average. Back on Track provides magnetic hock boots for horses to give them extra support and comfort in every trot and leap taken to support their strenuous performances. Horse knee boots are equipped with an outer neoprene shell that creates a breathable boot to prevent injury and recovery in the muscles, joints, and tendons—there are also adjustable straps to avoid discomfort and to sliding down.

Back on Track also offers other safety equipment for both horses and their owners, such as arthritis gloves, braces for calves, back and knee brace, equine riding helmets, and horse wraps. The benefits of riding and horse gear is an effective means of potentially solving a significant health issue that is gradually increasing in recent year, as more people are interested in horseback riding.

Reasons To Use Back on Track Products


1. Therapy products for horses provide the extra support required to both assist and prevent injury during their performances. Because some horses are typically classified as an athlete, they endure and sustain injuries that usually wouldn’t occur in farming horses which significantly hinders their quality of life. Make sure to place importance on your horse’s health as well and invest in equipment and materials that support their legs, like magnetic hock boots for horses.


2. Protecting both your horse and you are vital to ensuring performance and safety. However, that often poses difficulty with such a rigorous sport because injuries are prominent. Typically, if a horse has sustained a severe injury, it’s indicated in their posture such as shifting its weight, and refusal to move or bear any pressure on the injured side. When this occurs, a horse’s behavior and personality can noticeably change, having limited mobility may lead to far more severe health problems in the future that could rid any changes in their recovery. Protective gear such as a riding helmet and magnetic hock boots for horses can efficiently support all active lifestyles.


3.Understanding the abilities and limitations of horses can also greatly benefit when your horse is dealing with health issues. Know when your horse is sending you signals of their injuries and recognize the symptoms and therapeutic options that may potentially resolve the severity of the injury. The Back on Track collection is designed to offer an array of therapeutic horse and rider gear to make the riding experience far safer and more enjoyable while performing at an optimal level.


4. The benefits of protective gear go beyond health needs—protective equipment offers greater performance simply from preemptive measures. The shock absorption within protective gear allows an optimal experience during practice runs and competitive sporting events, which truly makes it versatile gear.

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