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Horse polo wraps are bandages that are wrapped around the leg of a horse and secured with pins or Velcro. Traditionally, horse polo wraps have been used on horses in many situations, such as horse shows, horse schooling, and turnout. Coming across a horse wraps on horses is not a new phenomenon in today’s horse rearing families.

Horse owners are highly attracted to horse polo wraps mostly because they are machine washable, they come with a wide range of colors and are inexpensive. If you’re wondering why you should purchase horse wraps for your horses, here are some of the reasons.

1. Protection Purposes

Horses that participate in rough activities, such as polo horses, are likely to be engaged in unforeseen injuries. Most of these horses often get tangled up in one another’s legs while at the same time stepping on each other, which is likely to result in serious injuries. It is common to find horses with bruises and devastating lacerations, especially if they’re not wearing protection. Polo wraps provide a decent barrier that protects legs against injuries.

The use of horse polo wraps is also necessary to protect the horse against itself. Striking, forging, and cross-firing may cause the horse to hit itself with a wayward hoof. These abnormalities can lead to bucked shins and splints. Using horse polo wraps is an inexpensive way that can help against collateral damage.

2. Horse’s Support

Horse support is very necessary, especially on the tendons and ligaments of the lower legs. Horse wraps hold the lower legs together which is important in providing the necessary support to the legs. Using horse wraps to provide support is important when a horse is developing strength during training or when performing strenuous workouts. It is common for horses to make sudden shifts or turns in movement, which can have significant impacts on the legs. Hock wraps for horses are essential in preventing tendons against overstretching.

3. Training Purposes

Many people have a perception that horse hock wraps are used during horse training sessions to support and protect the horse’s legs. However, horse wraps are used to help the rider. In many riding arenas, there are mirrors all around so that the riders can see their riding positions. Using brightly colored horse wraps on the horse helps riders to see the position of their legs. If you’re training how to ride a horse, you cannot stay without wrapping your horse with bright horse wraps.

4. Improve Horse’s Appearance

Appearance is very important in horses, especially when dressing for a traditional ceremony where horses are used. Riders are fond of horse polo wraps to enhance the appearance of their horses. Using white horse wraps on all four legs plays a vital role in making the movements of the horse to be balanced and to appear symmetrical. During the hunting season, brightly colored horse hock wraps are used to differentiate horses and deer.

5. Traditional Ceremonies

Most of the traditional ceremonies, especially military events, demand that horses wear horse wraps. If you’re attending a traditional ceremony with your horse, it is no brainer that you need to use horse wraps on your horse to make it presentable. Using hock wraps for horses is especially important if your horse will be going for honor rounds at a show.

6. Protective Bandages

Although there are many uses of horse wraps, you can also use them as protective bandages for an injured horse. Tendon injuries on horse’s legs are very serious and could have significant impacts on the health of the horse. Horse cover, horse cap, and horse hock boots are used for protection against various damages and injuries. In the same way, horse hock wraps are important protective bandages against tendon injuries.

A recent study indicated that around 7 million people ride horses in the United States. Among these riders, very few of them use horse polo wraps. If you want to protect, support, and enhance the appearance of your horse, you need to use horse wraps.


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