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As a dog owner, you may want to learn more about nutrition for pets and their eating habits. You may not want to just feed them any kind of dog food without looking at the ingredients first. It’s important that you take advice from a veterinarian like Dr.

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Kathy Boehm in this video about what you should know about your dog’s nutrition. Of course, there are so many different dog breeds and every dog is different in their nutritional factors. If you have any questions regarding your dog’s specific dog breed and what their nutrition is like, ask your trusted vet.

Depedning on how old your dog is, they may get a different kind of food, especially if you plan on giving them a life stages diet. There are three different types of food that go into this diet, puppy food, adult maintenance food, and senior diets. This diet can be extremely beneficial for your dog to get the certain nutrients they need throughout each stage of their life.

To learn all about your dog’s nutrition and learn all about what’s best when it comes to your dog’s age and breed, watch this entire video.