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If you are a serious reader, you know everything there is to know about fancy dogs. If you are not, or are just getting into fancy dogs, you may be surprised at how much there is to know, from breeds to grooming to pet shows. That is why pet magazines, like fancy dog magazines, are so important. Not only can fancy dog magazines educate you about dog fancy, but they can also give you a way to break into the dog fancy world.

So what can you learn from fancy dog magazines? For one, fancy dog magazines can teach you about breeds, their temperament, and special issues. We all know about common household breeds. For instance, German shepherds are strong, and Golden Retrievers are loyal. What about less common breeds? For instance, shi tzus are very quiet lap dogs. Despite their size, they are not active, and like to cuddle. Chihuahuas, on the other hand, are known for an aggressive temperament, despite their very small statures.

Another reason to read fancy dog magazines is that it helps you break into the world of dog fancy. You will learn from pet fancy magazines that the world of dog fancy is dominated by a few hundred breeders, judges, and independent mavens. Reading a dog fancy magazine online gives you this insight. A fancy dog magazine also allows you to write letters to the editor, and gives you notice of important fancy dog events. The Westminster Kennel Club dog show is the most famous event, but there are many other events that are just as numerous.

Fancy dog magazines give you a way into the world you may not know of otherwise. By educating you on the terminology and giving you a handle on the players, a fancy dog magazine accelerates your entry into the world. So pick up one today, and see what you can learn.