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Fancy dog magazine

Did you know that the smallest dog ever, a Yorkshire Terrier, weighed only four ounces and was 2.5 inches tall? For dog owners or lovers interested in the latest updates about the lovable species, Dog Fancy Magazine might be a good option. Dog Fancy has been in circulation since 1970, and claims to be the “world’s most widely read dog magazine.” Not sure exactly what you’ll find in a magazine devoted solely to dogs? Unfortunately Dog Fancy magazine online only has links to options for subscribing, rather than open source articles, but here are some examples of what you can expect, based on what other pet magazines are talking about.

1. Devoted Dogs

In 2003, an English policeman found a malnourished, abused greyhound dog locked in a shed. The dog, named Jasmine, was brought to a wildlife sanctuary for injured and sick animals. Jasmine had been hurt, but had a gentle heart. She soon became famous for being a mother to dozens of creatures, helping to raise puppies, chicks, rabbits, guinea pigs, foxes, and even a goose.

2. Hero Dogs

This past week, Simon, an 80 pound boxer, pushed a small, four year old boy out of the way of a truck after the car had run a stop sign while the boy and his father were crossing the street. The dog was hit instead. Simon is a guide dog and has been helping the family for several years, as the father, Dave Furukawa, is visually impaired. Fancy Dog magazines report that the dog has passed away from internal injuries after successfully saving the child.

3. Roaming Dogs

In San Francisco, dogs often like to run free on the East Beach, not hampered by leashes and pulls from their owners. There has been a bit of a standoff between the National Park Service and dog owners. Park directors are worried about the impact of dogs on creatures and other people in parks, while dog owners feel there is not enough space in the city for their dogs to run off leash. New plans for the San Francisco parks reveal that many areas previously open to dogs will now ban them, or require leashes.

What fancy dog magazines do you read?