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Homemade dog biscuits

Dogs possess almost 220 million cells in their noses that are extremely sensitive to smell. Any one of those cells will be able to tell the distinct difference between high quality dog biscuits and those from a low budget national chain. Because they can smell 1,000 times better than humans, with 220 million scent detecting cells instead of the mere 5 million that humans have, some dogs will simply turn their noses up at biscuits that are processed and that have ingredients that are not good for them.

Thus, homemade dog biscuits, and more specifically dog treats made in USA facilities, are transforming from a niche industry to a nationwide one, with more dog owners wanting the best for their canines and paying the extra money to have homemade dog treats that taste good and that keep their pups healthy. Largely, dog treats made in USA facilities are made using high quality ingredients that are far from processed, meaning meat is usually the No. 1 ingredient and fillers are largely left out of the ingredients list. The idea of homemade biscuits and dog treats made in USA facilities revolves around making nutritious biscuits and treats that are free from the harsh chemicals and preservatives that inhabit most standard dog treats.

With 39 percent of all U.S. households owning a dog, it is easy to see how this niche business has become a larger phenomenon. Dogs are considered part of the average family, with owners taking their pets on trips and with the strong bonds that form between pet owner and pet making it so these owners want only the best foods for their dogs. About 80 percent of pet owners say their pets can sense their moods, and these owners too know that these animals notice when they are getting low quality food and treats. Fortunately, there are enough dog treats made in usa facilities that these dogs no longer have to suffer through eating bad tasting and highly preserved foods.

The sign of the dog in Chinese astrology revolves around loyalty and discretion with a slight temperament. This describes most dogs to a T, but it rarely covers how feeding these canines dog treats made in USA facilities will help them live longer, healthier, and more productive lives. Giving dogs these nutritious homemade treats no doubt will improve their health, and it likely will improve their temperaments too. When they are fed well, they are happy.
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