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There are numerous dog breeds to choose from when looking for the perfect pet to incorporate into your life as well as that of your family. Dogs are very friendly pets, particularly when they get used to their owners, and they are excellent companions to have in the house. If you want an active lifestyle, taking your dog out for walks is an excellent way for both of you to get good exercise. Whether you’re a dog breeder or not, when making a comparison of dog breeds, choose one that aligns with your tastes and expectations of what you want your pet to be.

Border Collie

This friendly dog breed can make an excellent pet and help support an active lifestyle when looking for some excitement. This breed is British and has its roots as a herding dog and it can be very energetic when it has to be. It is an excellent choice for a family dog because it is even-tempered, meaning it is not going to get into conflict with other pets in the house as well as strangers who might visit. It is an excellent idea to take it to a pain clinic whenever it has any health problems because it can be troublesome when it is not feeling well.

This dog is usually eager to please because it likes to spend time around its owners, so giving it an adequate amount of your attention each day is an excellent idea. It also gets along well with children, an important comparison of dog breeds because you can leave it alone in the house with the young ones without worrying about their safety. It also lives very well with other pets and is an excellent choice to support an active lifestyle by allowing it to accompany you when you take strolls outside the house.

Australian Shepard

This is an active dog that enjoys playing and jumping around, and it enjoys the company of its owner by following it around everywhere they go. It is a good pet to have because of its friendly and easy-going nature, which makes it a cute companion to have in your home. It will support an energetic approach to life because it likes playing a lot and it will always keep you busy playing games and chasing balls around. It is a funny idea to get it custom shades because it will be comfortable in them, particularly if it sees its owner having eyewear of their own.

This breed is easy to train because it is considered to be an intelligent dog, but it will require some level of socialization for it to be comfortable being around children. They also get along well with other pets, meaning that you will have minimal problems handling it in case you have a cat in your home. When making a comparison of dog breeds, consider selecting this one because it thoroughly enjoys pleasing its owner and will always keep you active when it is around you.


This dog breed is known for its similarity in appearance to the foxhound, and it is always a cheerful pet to have in your home. It will support an active lifestyle because it likes playing games and will keep its owner busy chasing it around. It is very easy to fall in love with this breed of dog because of its good looks and outgoing nature, and it is one to never leave alone in a pole barns because it enjoys the company of its owners.

It has a good temper and thus can spend time around strangers, and it doesn’t have inherited health problems, meaning that it can stay for a long time before it falls sick. The comparison of dog breeds should easily lead you to this breed because they love the company of people and will always sit beside their owner. Maintaining this dog is not difficult because it eats normal rations and grows to a medium size, and thus taking it out for walks will not prove to be a tedious task. Your children will like this breed the moment they see it and they will grow up with them, playing and enjoying a lively everyday life.

Siberian Husky

This is another good breed of dog that is friendly and an excellent companion to keep in the house. Originating from the cold temperatures of the northern parts of the world, it was originally used as a sled dog and its ability to thrive in extremely cold temperatures makes it adaptable to different types of environments. Its past life is not an excuse for your children to take it to preschool, but it is very friendly with young ones and can also live well alongside its owner, as it will demand some form of activity, such as playing games and taking long walks.

The husky is a smart dog, but it is also worth noting that it can be a stubborn pet when things don’t go its way. When making a comparison of dog breeds, you will find others easier to train, but this one becomes very loyal once it gets used to a definite approach to life. Don’t lock it up in the house for long hours at a time because they usually desire room to run around, stretch their legs, and be active around other family members.

Labrador Retriever

This is a British breed of dog that is extremely intelligent because of the way it can be used by its owners and different types of organizations. The Labrador is used by the military as a scenting dog, nursing homes and retirement communities use them as guide and service dogs, and they are also excellent rescue dogs. Its many capabilities, coupled with the fact that it is also an excellent hunting companion make it an excellent choice for anybody looking to live an active lifestyle. Families known for engaging in cremation also add this dog to their mantelpieces when they pass away, highlighting the significant role it plays in people’s lives.

They cope well with a sole owner or being a part of a larger family, and their outgoing nature means that they will be a handful when they are in the mood to play. They are very sensitive creatures and they get along well with children, meaning you can leave them alone with your young ones for long intervals without worrying about the safety of either. If you are looking for an engaging lifestyle, then the comparison of dog breeds will instantly lead you to choose this one for your home.


This breed of dog has its origins as a hunting and carriage dog, so it can be very energetic and playful when it is in a good mood. Known for its dark spots throughout the body, it is a very sensitive creature that does well with children and enjoys the company of its owners. Its playful nature, however, might be too much for small children, so make sure to always have the air conditioning on in the house in case the children break a sweat. Always be around it to ensure that it is not too vigorous with the children because it can push them to their limits.

Its energetic characteristics make it an excellent companion for an owner looking to be active regularly during the week. Taking it out for walks and engaging in some form of sport will always keep it in a good mood, and it will interact well with other strangers. The best way of maintaining this pet is to make sure that it is well trained because it can be a good watchdog, particularly when making a comparison of dog breeds. It is intelligent and thus an excellent companion for those looking to have a pet that will always leave them with a smile.

Portuguese Water Dog

Originating from Portugal, this dog was, at first, used to herd fish into fishnets from the ocean and other water bodies. Its herding characteristics make it an excellent choice for those who want to have a pet that will make them active, and its friendly nature means that it is an excellent companion in the house. It is known to be a loyal dog, a sign of its intelligence, and it is comfortable living in families of various sizes as it enjoys the company of many people.

This dog requires a lot of training because it is very curious and sometimes its energy levels can be excessive, particularly for the young ones in the house. In addition, it requires some familiarization with its environment so that it can become social but when making a comparison of dog breeds, it is easy to fall in love with its good looks. These dogs do not bark frequently and as long as they are kept busy with different types of activities such as sports, they can be an excellent addition to any family.

Bernese Mountain Dog

This is a large dog breed originating from Bern, Switzerland, and it has a long history stretching back to Roman times. It is a very patient and calm dog despite its size, and it enjoys being around people, always hovering on the side of its owner. This is the type of dog that limits the number of locks to put in your house because it enjoys scurrying into different rooms in the house, checking the state of all the occupants. It also enjoys fancying playing with children and can be a great partner for your young ones.

It has an affectionate nature and can live well with cats and other dogs, a characteristic that is not common with other pet dogs. However, with proper training, particularly if it is socialized from a young age, it can be very adorable and excellent company, even for the elderly. However, it is worth noting that they can be a bit unfriendly with strangers, so it can be a handful when you take it out for a walk in a crowded area. Its size can also be intimidating for others particularly when making a comparison of dog breeds, but it will accord you an excellent sense of security.

Russell Terrier

This British breed of dog is another excellent companion for the family because of its small size and outgoing nature. It thrives well in the house, so it might be a good idea to get an AC contractor to ensure that the HVAC system is working well for it to remain calm when in the house. If you want to make a comparison of dog breeds, you will select this one because they are very loyal and enjoy the company of children. They show no fear when they are around other breeds of dogs much larger than they are, and they get along well with other pets.

Golden Retriever

Tracing its origins back to Scotland, this medium-sized breed of dog is very affectionate and gentle to be around, and it will support an active lifestyle because of its eagerness to play and have fun. Consult with an AC contractor to make sure that temperatures in the house are always excellent because it likes warm environments. They are very obedient, making them an endearing species of dog to always have when making a comparison of dog breeds, and it is one of the most popular dogs in the United States.

Select a breed of dog that is in line with your lifestyle and schedule because many of them have their preferences of how to interact with their owners. While some breeds can be left in the house in the company of children and other family members, others like to enjoy spending lots of time alongside their owners. Also, observe the need to constantly take your dog for walks, particularly those breeds that demand lots of room and activity, and they will align their activities with that of your own. Most dog species are very friendly and outgoing, but consider training your pet so that it is the perfect companion and that it can interact well with strangers.