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Pet headstones

The cycle of grieving over a lost pet is a serious one and choosing a pet memorial stone is a major part of the process of grief. Pet headstones are easily found online and there are plenty of options to choose from. Some sites that offer animal headstones provide options regarding the type of stone that will be used for a headstone. For example, the common types of stones used for a pet grave market include river stone, slate, polished granite, and marble. Furthermore, bluestone can also be used for a pet grave marker as well. All of these stones are considered durable and long lasting, which is why they are often used for pet headstones.

In addition to the type of stone people can use for a grave marker, custom engraving services are also a popular option. Unique river stones combined with a custom engraving will give pet grave markers unique characteristics that can’t be duplicated. Recent studies show that around 39 percent of all households in America have at least one dog. Furthermore, around 62 percent of all households in America own at least one pet. Sites that are selling quality pet headstones will usually provide pictures, prices, and other information to help people decide what grave marker is perfect for their pet.