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Humans have owned pets for millions of years. According to history essays in pet magazines, the first people who domesticated animals lived in caves in Africa; they trained wild dogs and wolves to help them hunt wild animals that they cooked for food; they also trained these dogs and wolves to protect their caves at night and to alert them if their enemies tried to attack. As civilization developed, humans began to domesticate other kinds of animals which could help them survive the vagaries of life. The ancient Egyptians, for example, domesticated cats to protect their grain stores from rats and other rodents and predators who wanted to eat them. Without these cats, the Egyptians would not have survived; they could not have built such a powerful or long lasting empire; the Egyptians recognized that they depended on cats, which is why they worshiped them as gods.

Today, humans domesticate animals for many of the same reasons as their ancestors. According to these pet magazines, many farmers still train cats to attack rats and other rodents who threaten their food stashes. Many hunters train beagles and other dogs to hunt small game; others train dobermans to attack intruders who attempt to break into their homes; still others train dogs to find drugs which are hidden in suitcases and packages, and many more train lab retrievers to help blind people find their way across the street. One can learn about other practical reasons to domesticate animals in pet magazines.

In addition to all of these practical reasons to train an animal, many millions of humans have decided to domesticate animals for the simple reason that they enjoy the animal’s company. According to pet magazines, millions of dog owners love walking their dogs through the park or up and down a mountain; others like taking their dogs to dog parks where they can run, play, and mate with other dogs. (They often learn about these dog parks in pet magazines and dog fancy magazine online.) Others simply enjoy the fact that their dog is almost always excited to see them. These dog lovers take great pride and pleasure in their dogs; they often take their pets to dog shows which they learn about in a pet fancy magazine or a fancy dog magazine.

Cat lovers also enjoy their pets’ company, although many pet lovers and pet magazines acknowledge that cats are very different than dogs. For example, cats are much more independent than dogs. They rarely obey commands, and they sleep all day. For this reasons, many pet lovers and pet magazines recommend cats to low key people who prefer quiet activities.