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Pet magazine

For a fancy dog magazine, the fanciest of all pet magazines actually, I read Dog Fancy. A year subscription to Dog Fancy is only 15 dollars, and only 25 dollars for two years. That comes out to just over a dollar an issue, and over 75 percent off the cover price. One of the best parts about that subscription is that you get full access to Dog Fancy Magazine online as well.

When I say Dog Fancy Magazine online, you think being able to access it on your computer, right? Well, you can. You are more than welcome to sit down at your desk and look at your subscription of Dog Fancy Magazine online. But you are not limited to your computer. Of course, you can use a laptop, but you can also access it on your tablet as well.

You can read it on your Nook or Kindle, on an iPad, or even access the official Dog Fancy mobile site on your smartphone. You are never at a loss for options when it comes time to read the latest issue and articles in and on Dog Fancy.

If you were to go the site right now, without having a subscription, you would see plenty of content there, free to browse and read. So you may ask why anyone would bother to actually subscribe to the magazine. For one, it gets you the physical copy. There is only so much a picture on a computer screen can do, but when you see the magazine, with its vibrant, glossy pages, it really makes the Dog Fancy Magazine experience worth it.

Secondly, while the site does have a great deal on there for any random reader to swing by and check out, there is much more to be found once you log in. Logging in is the privilege given to those who have a subscription and want more in depth content. By delving deep into both the subscriber content and a wide collection of back issues, at only 25 dollars for two years, you have an endless supply of information and entertainment.

Anyone who is passionate about dogs should consider a subscription to Dog Fancy. For a pittance, you can have monthly dog information and articles delivered right to your door. The magazine is packed full with heartwarming stories, fantastic tips, and invaluable information about specific breeds and dogs in general. Any dog person needs this subscription in their lives.