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There’s nothing more exciting than getting a cute young puppy for your home. A new dog is an addition to the family that adults and kids will love alike. Who knows, your cat may also love and bond with the canine too! But remember, puppies are still baby animals, and so there are certain preparations you need to make for them compared to an older dog. To ensure your young fur baby is safe and sound, here are some tips you should follow.

Keep Your Home Safe

A puppy is a baby animal, and just like your baby humans, they can get into trouble easily. A young pup is new to the world, so they’re very curious about it. Expect them to run all over the place, sniff things, bite things, you name it. So one of the best ways to prepare for your new furry addition is to hire a mold remediation company to ensure your residence is free of the nasty substance.

Unfortunately, mold can hurt humans and animals alike. As a grown adult, you may understand the dangers of mold. However, a young pup has no idea what it is. They like to bite and sniff things. So, if those mold spores get into their lungs or mouth, it can cause health problems. Mold can cause respiratory illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis, and allergic reactions in humans. So imagine what it can do for your young puppy, whose immune system is still adjusting to the world. Since roof leaks are a major cause of water damage, attic mold is a common occurrence in homes, so start your investigation there.

Do you have a green thumb that you test out on several types of plants around your home? While plants bring a lot of life and clean air to any residence, be careful about the types that you have before you bring your young pup in. Certain plant species can produce sap or leaves that are toxic to animals, children, or anyone that consumes them.

Find a Vet

Having access to professional medical care is just as important for your young pup as it is for humans. That’s why you should find a reliable vet close by before you bring the puppy home. You need to take your dog in for regular checkups, get their shots, and check for fleas. The first few weeks of a young pup’s life are extra vulnerable, since their immune system is susceptible to illness and diseases that can kill them. When it’s time to get vaccination shots, don’t hesitate to take your puppy to the local animal doctor.

Learn about the puppy’s breed, as certain ones are susceptible to diseases and ailments. According to AKC, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers are more prone to arthritis and ligament problems. While ear infections can happen in any dog, Boxers, Spaniels, Shih Tzus, Beagles, and Labrador Retrievers have some of the highest occurrences of them.

Maintain a Safe Yard

If you have a yard, expect your puppy to run around in it as much as possible. Before you let your puppy loose in the grass, make sure your yard is a safe space for them to be in. Do you have any lingering debris where harmful insects and predators like snakes can hide? If so, plan for brush removal to keep your young pup out of danger.

Fleas and ticks can hide in tall grass and easily latch onto your young pup right from the comfort of your property. So call your local landscaper to clear out your yard and make sure there’s no harmful vegetation that puppies might munch on. While fleas and ticks won’t necessarily kill your dog, they can make them extremely uncomfortable. Imagine your poor pup scratching himself raw because of hundreds of ticks laying on its skin. If a dog continuously scratches and bites at an infested area on their skin, it can fester and turn into an infection.

Keep a Comfortable Outdoor Space

There are several ways to make your outdoor space more comfortable. If you haven’t done so already, the addition of a young pup is a great reason to start. When you have a dog, you’re more likely to want to spend more time outside with it. Whether you’re walking them, actively playing with them, or watching them play, having a comfortable space on a patio can make the outdoors fun for you both. So install a patio cover or awning so you always have comfortable shade and protection regardless of the time of year.

Have a Comfortable Indoor Environment

While your pup may want to spend all their time outside, at some point they’ll need to come in. So make sure the environment is as comfortable for humans and fur babies alike. According to the EPA, heatstroke has killed over 11,000 people in America since 1979. While anyone can get hurt from a heat-related illness, elderly people, children, and pets are especially vulnerable to intense heat.

Prevent health tragedies by investing in proper AC repair or replacement before you add a young furry edition. Call a local AC contractor to inspect your HVAC unit. For the best efficiency and savings, invest in Energy-Star or min-ductless air conditioning systems, as you’ll save as much as 30% on your regular energy costs.

Be Prepared for Accidents

Puppies are so active, so be prepared for accidents. Accidents can take on many forms that affect the dog or another human. In some cases, when your dog gets bigger, it may accidentally bite another dog or person. If that’s the case, you should have good accident lawyers available to consult with. Try to prevent such an occurrence by getting puppy training as early as possible so that they’re socialized around people and dogs.

More subtle accidents can happen inside, especially during bathroom time. While you may be proud of your beautiful couch and new carpeting, your puppy may not understand that it’s not the best place to urinate. Do you have one of those prized handmade oriental rugs that can last for 100 years, according to Housekeen and other experts? If so, you may want to keep your pup out of that room or take the rug up until you’re sure the dog has been properly housebroken.

You can also prevent bathroom accidents by installing a dog door. A dog door allows your dog to effortlessly go inside and outside as they wish. They’ll be able to easily relieve themselves even when you don’t walk them.

Keep Your Dog Fenced In

Fences serve many purposes. Two of the main things fences can do is keep certain things in and other things out. Of course, when people think of fences, they mostly think of keeping out intruders. However, you may also want to call your local fence companies to install a strong fence to keep kids and little puppies inside your property boundary. Since they’re young and still learning about danger, they may not understand to not run across the street or onto the neighbor’s property.

By building a strong fence, you allow your young pup and little children to play together freely on your landscape. When it comes to fences, you have many choices based on aesthetics, purpose, and your aesthetic. You can opt to build an aluminum chain fence, a wooden fence, vinyl, etc.

Get Your Dog Trained

Have you ever watched the show The Dog Whisperer? If so, you understand why Ceasar Romaro is such a popular dog trainer, as he can take the most misbehaved or traumatized canines of all ages and put them on their best behavior. However, it’s best to not wait until your pup is too old to begin training. The sooner you get a dog trainer, the less likely you’ll have issues with biting, poor socialization, property destruction, indoor bathroom accidents, etc.

Your dog trainer can teach your dog several useful commands beyond “sit” and “stay.” Depending on your trainer and dog’s age, breed, and capabilities, they may be able to teach your young pup some fun tricks. According to Midogguide, dogs can comprehend about 165 words and 200 commands! The earlier you get started, the sooner your pet can show off.

Build a Beautiful Fence

As mentioned, you should build a strong fence to keep your dog inside your property. While you have many options to choose from, vinyl fence companies should be at the top of your list for many reasons. According to Carter Fence, a vinyl fence can be five times stronger and more flexible than a wood one.

It’s a good option to have regardless of the climate you live in since these fences don’t have to deal with rust decomposition or destruction from pests and moisture. As a result, your vinyl fence can last a long time. Luckily, installation won’t take long, so you can have one quickly before your dog comes home. Vinyl fences are also known for their beautiful, crisp appearance, reminding many homeowners of wood. Luckily, this type of material allows you to utilize many styles and colors in fencing that you may not be able to do with other materials, such as metal.

A wooden fence is still a great choice. When people think of a beautiful fence around the home, they may imagine a white picket fence made of wood. In addition to nostalgia, you can build one as high as you need for privacy and to keep your pup inside. Installation and maintenance are easy, and a contractor only needs to replace the damaged shaft, as opposed to taking up all the fencing for repair.

Have a Fun Place to Play

Even once your dog grows out of the puppy phase, they most likely never outgrow their need to play. So have an indoor and outdoor space for your young pup to have a good time. Any canine needs space to run around and play, it’s simply not fair to keep any dog confined without exercise and freedom.

The amount of exercise your dog needs will depend on its breed, age, and overall weight. You should also always have proper hydration available for your pup, especially if you have a typical active dog. According to PetMd, a dog should drink about an oz of water per body pound daily. So keep a water bowl or fountain outside they can sip a drink from as they run around.

As mentioned earlier, a doghouse is a great shelter for your pup. It gives them a comfortable space to sleep outside any time of day. They can use it whether it’s raining, windy, or hot. You can always buy a premade doghouse on places like Amazon or go to your local pet store for advice. Your dog can never get enough toys, so make sure there are at least a few available for your pup to have fun outdoors.

Did you know that dogs are natural-born swimmers? Swimming is a great low-impact exercise for humans and is just as good for canines . Remember, if your dog is one of the breeds prone to ligament or arthritis problems, keeping them active with swimming is a great way to help them stay flexible and in shape. So why not build a designated splash pool just for your dog to have fun in? If you have another dog over for a doggy date, the furry friends can splash around in their little pool together.

If your back landscape is too unruly, call your local landscaping services to clear out space. In addition to getting rid of any harmful pests, you’ll have a flat level of land to build your dog house, a doggy pool, and a designated bathroom area for your pup. As you prepare for your new puppy, take the time to make your home safe inside and outside. A puppy is a big responsibility, as animals require love, care, and protection. So have fun with your furbaby as you watch them grow into an adult dog.