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When you adopt a dog, it’s your responsibility to keep it safe. While this involves keeping your pup leashed while going for a walk in your neighborhood, it also means you need to keep your dog safe in your very own backyard. So, how can you do that? A fence company can help.

In the YouTube video below, nine secure dog fence ideas are discussed. As a new dog owner, it’s a good idea to review these ideas so you can determine which type of fencing is best for your dog, yard, and lifestyle.

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So, why is getting a fence so important for your dog? Protection is the number one answer. While fences protect your dog from running away and suffering an injury, it also protects them from other animals. Other dogs, cats, foxes, and other wildlife won’t be able to enter your property when you have a quality fence installed by a reputable fence company in your area.

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A fence will also give you peace of mind. You can let your dog out to use the bathroom and not have to worry about anything or anyone harming them. This is an ideal feeling for a new dog owner.