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Veterinarians cater to the health requirements of animals like small animals, livestock, zoo, avians, and laboratory animals. They are popularly known as vets. Small animal vets execute their tasks in private clinics that treat pets like birds, cats, and dogs. Some vets care for exotic vets where they diagnose sickness and perform numerous in-house medical procedures.

Some vet specialists have completed advanced training in a particular vet medicine area. This enables them to offer a wide range of vet-related services like emergency care, anesthesia, dentistry, surgery, and ophthalmology. Vet specialists also offer guidance on nutrition, preventative care, and pathology. Here are just some of the services to expect from a 24 hour hospital vet.

Spaying and Neutering

Various services are available in a 24 hour hospital vet clinic. For example, spaying and neutering your pet is critical to controlling the animal population. Kittens and puppies are cute, but they all require good homes, which can be hard to find. A vet offers neutering and spaying services for animals of different ages. According to veterinary specialists, you should sterilize your pets when they are young. However, older animals can still be neutered or spayed. Neutering and spaying come with various benefits. For example, spaying female pets reduce breast cancer risk, while neutering male pets reduces the risk of developing hernias, prostatic disease, and testicular cancer.

Trauma Care

Often, animals are curious. Unlike humans, they cannot always identify danger. Often, pets break loose and wander in the middle of the road, where they can be hit by oncoming vehicles. Suppose your pet sustains an injury from an accident or is attacked by another animal; you should treat them immediately. A 24 hour hospital vet center offers emergency services where vets are available to offer trauma care to injured pets. Wounds are sterilized and sutured where necessary. Sometimes the vet may recommend an X-ray to determine internal injuries. Vet centers have the necessary equipment to manage an emergency and perform resuscitative trauma surgery.

Dental Services

A 24 hour hospital vet center provides dental services for your pets. Brushing your pet’s teeth daily and feeding it a healthy diet can prevent numerous dental diseases. However, older pets are prone to dental infections and diseases. If you notice any signs of dental distress in your pet, like difficulty chewing and poor appetite, visit a vet hospital promptly for assistance. To examine your pet thoroughly, the vet must put it under general anesthesia. Cavity fillings and tooth extractions are usually performed while the pet is under anesthesia. That makes the procedure bearable for the pet and safe for your veterinary officer.

Treating Cancer

Did you know that pets can develop cancer? Suppose the vet identifies a cancerous tumor in your vet. They can recommend and provide the ideal cancer treatment. Often, they use a combination of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery to halt the progression of cancer or eliminate it once and for all. The vet will discuss the best recovery plans available with you. They then create the best plan that meets your needs and is ideal for your pet.

Find an Expert in Emergency Dental Care

Dental care is vital for your pet. It’s worth mentioning that dental disease is common in cats and dogs. As a result, taking precautionary measures when the pets are young promotes proper dental hygiene. Your vet can perform a dental exam to determine whether teeth cleaning is necessary. Sometimes the vet may need to polish your pet’s teeth to eliminate periodontal infection-causing plaque and tartar. This procedure is performed while the pet is under general anesthesia.

Sometimes pets are involved in accidents where they suffer broken teeth or gum injuries. In this case, you need to consult the vet immediately. The vet will conduct a physical examination to determine whether a dental extraction is necessary. They may recommend a CT scan or X-ray to check for hidden teeth or gum injuries if they notice signs of lesions, cavities, abscesses, or fractures. Depending on their findings, an oral surgery practice professional may recommend a surgical tooth extraction.

Have Your Own Animal Control Team

The animal control team specializes in capturing abandoned animals and stray pets. They also help with managing dangerous wildlife. The team specializes in investigating animal abuse and rescuing animals where necessary. Animal control officers deal with animal education, care, and investigation. They inspect public areas, work in animal shelters or vet clinics, and acknowledge service calls where necessary.

As an animal control team leader, you may be required to appear in court if animal laws have been breached and cases are undergoing. Members of the animal control team help regulate unattended and abandoned animals and probe abuse or mistreatment of pets. An emergency animal removal team helps determine whether an animal is dangerous and facilitates its removal if they are dangerous. An interesting fact about the animal control team is that they offer personalized care to animals, like giving them attention, watering, and feeding them.

Allow Owners to Board Their Furry Friends

Before providing boarding services, a 24 hour hospital vet center must prepare its space and determine the level and type of service they want to offer. You can begin with short and simple stays in professional kennels with round-the-clock monitoring. A vet center may consider offering a luxurious and dog friendly service, including open and large places to run around and play. It’s necessary to establish the type of animals you can manage.

Apart from dogs, you can offer boarding services for exotic animals and felines. Based on the boarding services you offer, you will need various things to get started, including portable room separators, a pet relief area, furniture, stimulating toys for play areas, and a check-in and check-out process. Vet owners prefer vet-based boarding services because they are convenient, trust you to offer medical attention in an emergency, and value your experience with animals.

Have an In-House Exotic Pet Specialist

An exotic pet expert offers specialty and primary care to many exotic and avian animals like amphibians, reptiles, exotic mammals, and birds. They also provide urgent care and advanced diagnostic and treatment procedures. Modern laparoscopy, endoscopy, imaging, and surgical services are part of this practice. These professionals are qualified and experienced in offering critical and emergency care services. Exotic pet professionals collaborate with other departments in the vet center to offer advanced surgical and medical care to the animals.

Diversify Surgical Practices

A 24 hour hospital vet center combines the best holistic and specialized treatments for your animal. It collaborates with an experienced team of professionals versed in different surgical procedures. Surgery for animals is common, and there are numerous surgery options available. For example, cataract eye surgery is an effective procedure to treat cataracts in your pet. Currently, there are no proven medical or preventive treatments for cataracts. Successful cataract surgery can improve your pet’s quality of life. Factors the vet will consider before recommending surgery include the dog’s general health, age, and condition of the eyes. Whether or not to remove the cataract is a decision you and the vet will make jointly. Worth noting is that cataract surgery is complex. The vet must ensure the pet is healthy and there is nothing that can hinder the success of the surgery.

Keyhole Surgery

This procedure is also known as laparoscopic surgery. Here, the vet makes two or multiple incisions to allow instruments and a camera to penetrate the animal’s body. The procedure is less invasive or damaging than traditional and more extensive surgeries. This procedure is ideal for executing spaying on female pets and neutering male animals. It also comes in handy for conducting organ biopsies. There are numerous benefits of keyhole surgery. For example, there are minimal complications because only small incisions are made. The animal experiences less pain while precise assessment is nearly guaranteed due to magnification. Animals recover fast after keyhole surgery. Many times, they resume normal activity the next day post the procedure.

Dental Surgery

Cats and dogs are prone to numerous health problems. Some of these problems may need surgery to correct. Just like in humans, dental surgery can be painful for pets. However, vets take all the necessary precautions and measures to reduce that pain. The risks involved depend on the surgery done. Common dental surgeries include tooth fillings, tooth extractions, jaw fracture management, oral tumor removal, Oronasal fistulae, and palate defect correction surgery.

Orthopedic Surgery

There are different severity levels in orthopedic surgery. Professional vets usually have a team of experienced surgeons specializing in spinal, joint, acquired, and congenital injuries. Common conditions treated with orthopedic surgery include: Osteoarthritis, dislocated kneecaps, joint fractures in the knee, shoulder, and elbow, cranial cruciate ligament ruptures, soft tissue trauma, strains, and sprains. Every pet owner should know that surgery involves numerous risks, especially anesthesia. However, the pet is highly likely to recover fast after surgery. Still, some surgeries are severe, and pets may not return to their pre-surgery fitness level. In such cases, you will need extra caution to reduce the chances of re-injury. For example, ensure your dog doesn’t engage in high-impact exercise.

Stay Open 24/7, 365

A 24 hour hospital vet remains open round the clock to receive and manage animals needing medical emergency services. Vet emergency hospitals continue operating after the general practice closes for the day. It can also be an independent part of larger animal hospitals. This differs from general vet practice facilities with limited daytime and weekend working hours. Often, general practice vet hospitals can only offer routine care, disadvantaging pet owners seeking specialized medical treatment. Before choosing a 24 hour vet facility, you must ensure it is accredited by the AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association).

This accreditation is only available in 12% to 15% of animal hospitals that provide animals with high-level emergency services like anesthesia monitoring. These facilities have specialized anesthesia monitoring equipment that monitors blood pressure, heart rate, pulse, and body temperature. Such equipment ensures that pets undergo painless surgical procedures. Disease prevention is crucial in a 24 hour vet facility. Establish whether the hospital has the necessary preparations to manage sick animals. Animal clinics in a round-the-clock vet hospital should have sufficient rooms, qualified staff, and equipment dedicated to infectious animals. Facility and personal cleaning procedures should be in place to help minimize the infection rate for treated animals.

Give Owners the Option of Emergency Euthanasia

What happens when a pet is suffering from fatal injuries? Often, emergency euthanasia may be the only humane treatment. Part of caring for your pet is being prepared to deal will each stage of their life. However, many pet owners are unprepared for the challenges of managing an aging or sick pet. Saying goodbye to your lovely pet can be traumatizing, even though it may be the only option remaining to save it from endless suffering. Knowing when to euthanize a cat or dog can be difficult for pet owners.

A 24 hour hospital vet specialist often recommends euthanasia after exhausting all other options for distress and pain reduction. Sometimes a euthanasia recommendation comes unexpectedly, especially if the pet is diagnosed with terminal sickness or has been involved in a crippling accident. Before euthanasia takes place, the pet owner must give consent. In the case of a wild animal, it belongs to the land where it was found or the Tribal, Federal, or State authority with authority over the species.

Suppose the animal suffering from fatal injuries belong to a protected species such as endangered or threatened migratory birds or some game species. The relevant authorities must be informed first where possible. If such an animal is euthanized, the vet must notify the relevant authorities, who often issue specific instructions on managing the remains. They may also provide guidelines on what to do with animal accessories like a radio collar on the animal. If your pet is euthanized, the next crucial step would be placing a pet headstone on its grave for memory purposes.

Collaborate With Other Vet Specialists in the Area

Teamwork is a crucial skill in the vet nursing industry. The ability to collaborate with another local vet is vital to the welfare and health of vet patients. It also promotes client satisfaction and guarantees the success of vet businesses. Working together can reduce the initial financial risk and commitment. It also makes it easy to acquire a loan. Collaborating with other vet specialists boosts productivity in the practice because all parties strive to achieve growth.

A reliable 24 hour hospital vet center can be a big relief for pet owners. Do you own a pet and are looking for reputable round-the-clock vet services? Contact us to speak to our professional vets any time of the day or night.