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Irish Doodles, also called Doodle Setters or Setterpoos, are a new designer dog breed. The first thing you need to know is that they are crosses between Irish Setters and standard poodles. YouTube channel Dogs Now takes a look at nine other things you need to know about Irish Doodles for sale.

Two: They are medium-sized dogs, averaging 22 to 26 inches tall at the shoulder.

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Three: Irish Doodles are smart dogs, which they get from the poodle side of the family. This means that they are easily trainable with positive reinforcement and can excel in many dog sports. It also means they can get bored, which can lead to them getting into mischief at times.

Four: They come in a few colors, with reddish-brown being the most popular.

Five: Like poodles, their soft, wavy coats are low-shedding. Their coats can, with regular grooming, make them look a bit like teddy bears.

Six: They are friendly and gentle. Irish doodles are great for families and homes with other pets.

Seven: They live for ten to fifteen years.

Eight: Since their coats are low-shedding, they produce less dander. Some people with dog allergies do well with Irish Doodles.

Nine: They need to be active. They should have at least one hour of exercise per day.