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How a Dog Poop Station Can Help You

Written by Pet Magazine on August 16th, 2017. Posted in Dog park accessories, Dogi poop station, Obstacle course dogs

Doggy waste stations

We all know people who absolutely love their pets the same way that they love other human beings. It does not matter whether or not these people own cats or dogs, what matters is that they own a pet. For these people, they will spend a lot of time not only loving their pets but taking care of them.

Taking care of a pet can be difficult especially if you are a first time owner. Picking out items like dog crates, dog exercise equipment, dog kennels, dog obstacles, dog park accessories and other dog park items can be quite difficult. If you are a first-time dog owner then here are some facts that you should know about.

First and foremost understand that it is absolutely essential that

Taking Care of Your Cat From Spaying and Neutering to Purchasing Health Insurance

Written by Pet Magazine on August 12th, 2017. Posted in Changes in older dogs, Pet health insurance cost, Pet insurance plans for dogs

Pet wellness plans

Did you know that the United States has more cats than any other country in the world? In fact, there are around 76.43 million cats in this country. Feral cats alone account for 60 million, and this may likely includes families of barn cats.

How Much Americans Spend on Their Pets

Since Americans consider their pets to be part of the family, they usually spend a considerable amount of money on them every year. This includes purchasing a variety of products and services for dogs, cats, and other types of animals:

  • Pet food: $20.46 billion
  • Pet supplies and over-the-counter medicine: $12.56 billion
  • Veterinarian care: $13.59 billion

The Importance of Spaying and Neutering Cats

Are your cats spayed or neutered? In the United States, 84% of house

Must Love Dogs What You Need to Know to Keep Your Furry Friend Healthy and Fit

Written by Pet Magazine on July 12th, 2017. Posted in Dog crate furniture, End table dog crate, Outdoor dog play equipment

Dog park items

We love dogs. As a nation our furry friends are some of the most pampered of all pets, enjoying everything from dog obstacle course equipment to luxury pet food. In fact, in 2016 the American Pet Products Association put spending on pets of all kinds at over $62.75 billion, an increase of 4% over the previous year. In fact, the APPA estimated that it costs about $1,641 per year to own and care for a dog, when you take into account the food, vet bills, grooming and of course, the toys. Any dog lover will tell you that it is worth it.

There are more than 46 million households with a dog and the figure is growing. Between 37% and 46% of all U.S households have a dog and dog ownership is changing the urban landscape too. A report by the Trust for Public Lands found that in 2016 there was at least one dog park

How A Chicken Nesting Box Can Keep Your Hens Safe, Warm And Productive

Written by Pet Magazine on May 17th, 2017. Posted in Chicken nesting box for sale, Nest box, Roll out next box

Metal chicken nesting boxes

Have you wondered how best to take care of your chickens? Should your coop feel a little barren or the health of your chickens be put under duress, you might just be interested in a few additions to your farm. A common concern many owners have is the difficult nature of assembling a chicken nesting box for sale, from incomplete instructions to a steep difficulty curve, but the fact of the matter is that there are plenty of accessible options out on the market. Not only can they be stitched together in a matter of hours, they go the extra mile to keep your chickens warm, cozy and safe from potential predators.

What Are The Benefits Of A Real Roll Out Nest Box?

Perhaps you’re wonde

Saving on Pet Care 4 Ways to Cut Costs

Written by Pet Magazine on May 9th, 2017. Posted in Cat health, Pet health, Vet insurance for dogs

Pet care

For most pet owners, life simply wouldn’t be complete without their furry friends. Though these companions can vary in size and shape, cats and dogs always top the list of most popular. In fact, 46.3 million households have a dog and 76.43 million have a cat in the United States today.

But caring for Fido comes at a cost. Each year, pet parents in the United States spend $20.46 billion on food, $12.56 billion on supplies and $13.59 billion on vet care for their pets. These costs stack up quickly and in the worst case, can sometimes lead pet parents to have to give up their furry friend when they can no longer afford pet care.

But smart pet parents know that there are some things that can be done to minimize these costs without sacrificing your pet’s quality of life or care. From preventative measures to ins

How Long Has Your Pet Been with Your Family?

Written by Pet Magazine on April 19th, 2017. Posted in Emergency vet services, Veterinary oncology arizona, Veterinary options

Pet rattlesnake bite

Your neighbor’s family has grown by four feet!
They are so excited about their newest little family member that they sent out an email to all of their friends and family introducing Daiken, the newest addition to their family.

Question: Daiken? What kind of name is that?
Answer:It is a shortened version of Daikokuken, one of the seven Japanese gods of good fortune. Our previous Doxie was named for one of the seven as well.
Question:How is the name pronounced?
Answer:It actually rhymes with bacon. So, “What’s shakin’ Daiken,” is an appropriate greeting.
Question:How old is he?
Answer:He is almost 12 weeks old, and weighs nearly six pounds. He will probably only get about 11 to 14 pounds by the tim

Keep Your Pet’s Heart Happy by Preventing Heartworm

Written by Pet Magazine on March 20th, 2017. Posted in Pet care, Vet hospital

veterinary diagnosticsIt’s important to make sure your pets are up to date on their shots and preventative medicine, to prevent against heartworm, ringworm, tapeworm, rabies, and other diseases that can be shockingly easy to contract. Around one million dogs are found to test positive for heartworm annually, which can eventually be a fatal disease for dogs and cats, if not treated properly. If you suspect that your pet may have heartworm, you should bring him or her into the vet where your veterinarian can run veterinary diagnostics to see what’s what. Your vet may screen your cat or dog using a heartworm antigen test. If that test is positive, they may send off for the diagnostics to be run in a veterinary laboratory to confirm. Some vets may have a lab in house, but others may contract lab services, so the final test results might take a week or so to come back.

What is Heartworm and What are Its Consequences? 
According to the American Heartworm Society, heartworms are foot-long worms that cause heartworm disease, which can have serious, if not deadly, effects on your pets if not caught and treated in time. These worms reside in the heart, lungs, and blood vessels of these organs, which can result in lung disease, heart failure, and can even spread to cause damage in other organs.

Pets are at risk for this disease especially in rural areas, since wild animals like coyotes or foxes can be carriers, and pets are more likely to be outdoor animals. If you have an outdoor pet, it’s very important that he or she be well vaccinated and be taking a preventative heartworm medicine monthly. However, even if you live in an urban area, mosquitoes are also carriers of the disease, so you should still be taking the necessary precautions to keep your pet safe.

What are Preventative Measures to Take With My Pet? 
Since heartworms are an actual organism, not a bacteria or virus, there’s no vaccine that your dog or cat can get as a puppy or a kitten. There are, however, plenty of heartworm prevention medicines available. You should discuss which might be best for your pet to take. These medicines should be administered monthly if it’s a chewable tablet. Some vets may also offer the option of a twice a year injection.

You should also get your pet tested at least once a year for heartworm, just to make sure (even if they’re on the prevention medicine!). Puppies who are less than seven months old can start taking heartworm prevention medicine without having taken the test, but they should get tested six months after the first vet visit, and then again another six months later, and after that, annually, to make sure that they stay free of heartworms.

Keep in mind that treating your pet for heartworm after the fact costs around $1,000, so purchasing the preventive medicine is really quite a good deal.

What Happens if My Pet Has Heartworm? 
If your pet does indeed end up getting heartworm, the first thing you’ll want to do is to get your pet to the vet. As mentioned before, the vet will send away to confirm the veterinary diagnostics and if that test comes back positive, it’s time to start the treatment, which can be quite expensive and complex, depending on what stage the heartworms have reached.

Your pet may need to stay at a veterinary hospital for awhile or be carefully monitored. Listen carefully to the advice the vet gives you and be sure you’re following it closely, to avoid prolonging the affair. After your pet is stabilized and through with treatment, you’ll want to get another heartworm test done, to make sure they’re gone.

One of the best ways to keep your pet safe is to try and prevent them from contracting heartworm in the first place. But if they should, have no fear. Take them to a vet immediately, wait for the confirmation of the veterinary diagnostics, and proceed from there.

Simple Health Tips For Welcoming A New Cat Or Dog Into Your Life

Written by Pet Magazine on January 29th, 2017. Posted in Augusta veterinary clinic, Pet care, Vet hospital

Augusta veterinary clinic

Are you worried about your pet’s health? Do you know when you should be buying them simple medication and when you should take them to an emergency vet? This push and pull of responsibility and pragmatism can be difficult, but it’s the key to cultivating a healthy and happy long-term relationship with your furry friend. If you’re thinking of owning a pet or simply want to learn a little more about what your puppy or kitten might be facing in the coming months, read on to learn more about emergency vet services, general health and even the mental wellness a pet can bring to your everyday life.

How Popular Are Dogs?

As you can already see in the day-to-day, dogs are an incredibly popular addition to families across the country. From Golden Retrievers to perk Jack Russell Te

The Basics of Dog Training — Shaping Good Behavior and Habits in Your Pet

Written by Pet Magazine on October 11th, 2016. Posted in Dog trainers, Dog training in miami, Dog training miami fl

Dog trainer

For many people, owning a pet at home can be one of the most pleasurable experiences in life. The loyalty, companionship and moments to cherish that can come from your experience of owning a pet can really make life better, and for a large number of people who do choose to keep pets in the house, the choice of animal is a dog. Dogs are immensely popular as pets as they are usually extremely loyal, playful and intelligent, and can provide both compassion and added security to a family environment. Playing with pets can be a stress reliever, can help your children learn certain important life lessons, and be a rewarding experience in itself.

If you have already decided to get a dog for your home, you are definitely not alone. Millions of houses in America keep dogs for the reasons listed above, and many swe

Did You Know Over One Million Dogs Get Heartworm Every Year? What You Should Know

Written by Pet Magazine on May 24th, 2016. Posted in Contract manufacturing, Food safety testing analysis, Veterinary laboratory

Heartworm antigen test

Do you own a cat or a dog? How about a horse or a goat? Domesticated pets are one of the hallmarks of human ingenuity, allowing us to cultivate everything from a reliable food source to a beloved companion for the whole family. Your average clinical diagnostics laboratory and contract lab services work night and day to diagnose common problems in domesticated animals of all types and keep them healthy and fit no matter the season. While you can certainly keep your pets in tip-top shape through a mixture of consistent exercise and a proper diet, some illnesses and viruses can be passed through casual contact or parasites almost unseen. Let’s take a look at the more common pets, frequent health