One Of The Most Common Diseases Dogs Face Is Easily Avoided Signing Up For A Heartworm Test

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How do you take care of your dog’s health?

This can seem like an alarmingly simple question. You make sure to feed them twice a day, take them out for regular walks and have already had them spayed or neutered. You keep an eye out for pet journals and make sure to monitor any strange behavior you see. What else should you be doing to keep them on the up and up? As it stands, taking your pet to a clinical diagnostics laboratory can be a great way to spot potential problems before they become worse. Not everything can be caught at a glance, after all, and some of the most painful issues happen to be some of the most easily avoided.

A canine heartworm antigen is a great place to start if you feel your dog’s personal health plan could use a little fine tuning.

Fun Facts About Dogs In America

Dogs are one of the most popular pets of all time. Why wouldn’t they be? They’re smart, loving and provide us everything from companionship to protection.

Did You Know Over One Million Dogs Get Heartworm Every Year? What You Should Know

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Heartworm antigen test

Do you own a cat or a dog? How about a horse or a goat? Domesticated pets are one of the hallmarks of human ingenuity, allowing us to cultivate everything from a reliable food source to a beloved companion for the whole family. Your average clinical diagnostics laboratory and contract lab services work night and day to diagnose common problems in domesticated animals of all types and keep them healthy and fit no matter the season. While you can certainly keep your pets in tip-top shape through a mixture of consistent exercise and a proper diet, some illnesses and viruses can be passed through casual contact or parasites almost unseen. Let’s take a look at the more common pets, frequent health