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Is it Worth the Money to Purchase Pet Life Insurance for Your Pooch?

Written by Pet Magazine on May 17th, 2016. Posted in Pet health insurance for pre-existing conditions, Pet medical insurance cost, Pet wellness plans

Caring for senior dogs

Are you considering dog life insurance plans? If your furry friend is closer to you than your actual blood relatives, especially if your pet baby is a rare or expensive breed, dog life insurance might be a valuable investment for you.

So what in the world is dog life insurance? Many dedicated pet owners invest a lot of money into their pets: for care, training, vet visits, and grooming. Even though the time, money, and care you dedicate to your four-legged companion is out of love, rather than the financial benefit of it, dog life insurance just protects the investment you’ve made in your animal. However, having life Continue Reading No Comments

Tips for Finding Play Dates for Your Dog

Written by Pet Magazine on May 10th, 2016. Posted in Dating pets, Dating site for dogs, Find a mate for your dog

Dog dating websites

Dog owners worry about their dogs’ stress levels throughout the day. In 2000, nearly 40% of pet owners told survey takers that they call home from work during the day to check on their animals. In that same year, 75% of pet owners said they felt guilty about leaving their pets alone. Dogs in particular are known to get lonely. It has been estimated that a mere 20 minutes of social interaction do wonders for their mood. Out of the nation’s 55 million dogs, nearly 4% suffer from some degree of separation anxiety when their owners are away. For people who are really concerned about their furry friends, dog breeders recommend regular play dates.

Tips for Finding Play Dates for Your Dog:


3 Most Common Types of Cat Skin Allergies

Written by Pet Magazine on May 6th, 2016. Posted in Dog shampoo for itchy skin, Shampoo for dogs, Skin irritation on dogs

Itchy cat

People love their pets almost as much as they love themselves sometimes. In fact, many owners have even named their dogs as the primary beneficiary in their will. Estimates suggest approximately one million dogs hold this status in the United States. The vast majority of pet owners (94%) say their pet makes them smile more than once per day.

When it comes to pets, proper care, checkups, and treatment is necessary for keeping their health in good condition. One of the most common ailments in pets is allergies. Dogs are great, but for this piece let’s take the time to look at cat skin allergies.

Cat skin allergies can result in dry skin on cats that ultimately leads to Continue Reading No Comments

4 Things Every Pet Owner Needs to Know

Written by Pet Magazine on March 24th, 2016. Posted in Animal hospital jamestown nc, Pet cancer, Veterinarian in north carolina

Greensboro veterinary hospital

Having a pet is a wonderful thing. Pets are the kinds of companions that think the world in you and no matter what are there to offer you unconditional love and comfort. However, owning an animal is a big responsibility. On top of the cost of food and regular veterinary checkups, extra costs like emergency vet care really adds up. There are also small things that pet owners need to keep in mind that are essential to keeping your pet in the most optimal state of happiness and help. Here are 4 of them now:

Regular Visits to the Veterinarian
Just like humans, animals need regular visit to the vet for routine care and check ups. Veterinary care specialists will conduct pet well

Emergency vet cleveland ohio —- [YouTube Video]

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How to Find a Good Veterinarian

Written by Pet Magazine on December 4th, 2013. Posted in 24 hour pet hospital, Doggie day care near me, Find pet boarding

Veterinarian hospitals

Did you know that there are nearly 70 million domesticated dogs and more than 74 million domesticated cats in the United States? Although it is common to own a pet in the U.S., it is also important to find a veterinarian who can properly take care of your animals. By finding the best veterinarian, you can rest assured knowing your pets are in good hands.

Becoming a vet takes years of education and training. Not only do veterinarians have to earn a four-year degree in undergraduate school, but they must also attend vet school for another four years, as well. In addition, many vets volunteer or work in animal hospitals to gain experience before trying to find a veterinarian position. Although this education and training may teach indivi

Three Dog Related Updates from Your Favorite Pet Magazines

Written by Pet Magazine on September 30th, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Fancy dog magazine

Did you know that the smallest dog ever, a Yorkshire Terrier, weighed only four ounces and was 2.5 inches tall? For dog owners or lovers interested in the latest updates about the lovable species, Dog Fancy Magazine might be a good option. Dog Fancy has been in circulation since 1970, and claims to be the “world’s most widely read dog magazine.” Not sure exactly what you’ll find in a magazine devoted solely to dogs? Unfortunately Dog Fancy magazine online only has links to options for subscribing, rather than open source articles, but here are some examples of what you can expect, based on what other pet magazines are talking about.

1. Devoted Dogs

In 2003, an English policeman found a malnourished, abused greyhound dog locked in a shed. The dog, named Jasmine, was brought to a wildlife

Vet website design —- [VIDEO]

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Fancy Dogs? Do You Fancy Fancy Dogs? Check Out Dog Fancy

Written by Pet Magazine on August 28th, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Pet magazine

For a fancy dog magazine, the fanciest of all pet magazines actually, I read Dog Fancy. A year subscription to Dog Fancy is only 15 dollars, and only 25 dollars for two years. That comes out to just over a dollar an issue, and over 75 percent off the cover price. One of the best parts about that subscription is that you get full access to Dog Fancy Magazine online as well.

When I say Dog Fancy Magazine online, you think being able to access it on your computer, right? Well, you can. You are more than welcome to sit down at your desk and look at your subscription of Dog Fancy Magazine online. But you are not limited to your computer. Of course, you can use a laptop, but you can also access it on your tablet as well.

You can read it on your Nook or Kindle, on an iPad, or even access the official Dog Fancy mobile

Essential Information for Dog Owners

Written by Pet Magazine on July 30th, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Pet magazines

According to the U.S. Pet Ownership and Demographics Source Book, in 2012 nearly 37 percent of American households owned a dog. This amounts to 7 percent more households than those that own cats. Although cats are smaller, quieter, less expensive to feed, do not need walking, and can be left alone for longer periods than dogs, why do American pet owners prefer dogs?

The most obvious of these reasons is the sociability of dogs. This is not to say that all cats are antisocial, but it is far more common for cats to be content being left alone than dogs are. This is why cat owners can put out enough food for a couple days and just go away. If you try doing this with a dog the food will be gone in one sitting; and dogs will stress themselves out if their owners are gone too long.

As everyone knows, modern domesti