4 Reasons to Find a Vet for Your Pet

Written by Pet Magazine on May 21, 2018. Posted in 24 hour animal hospital, 24 hour animal hospital in tucson, 24 hour animal hospitals

Are you a first time pet owner? There are so many exciting aspects to bringing your first pet home. From choosing the pet’s name, to buying toys, to training them, it’s a fun adventure to begin. In the midst of all the joy, there are a few other things you don’t want to forget to ensure that your pet is taken care of, happy, and healthy. You’ll need to start by finding an emergency animal hospital and a veterinarian for regular check-ups for your pet.

Interested in learning more about owning a pet and why it is so crucial to find an emergency vet you can trust and depend on? Keep reading for more information about emergency animal hospitals and your different options.

4 Things to Know About Caring for Your Pet

1. Pets need vaccines

You may think you don’t need to rush browsing veterinary options in your area. However, this isn’t the case. Even if your pet is healthy as can be when you bring it home, it’s important to set up a vet appointment within the first few weeks. Depending where you bought your pet, you may or may not have the most updated version of its medical history. You’ll need to know your pet’s vaccine history and a vet can assist with this.

If you have a kitten or puppy, they will need a series of vaccines until they’re around 16 weeks old. These should be administered every three to four weeks. Even if your pet is older, still take them in to make sure they are up-to-date with all their vaccines.

2. Annual check-ups

In addition to vaccines that pets need when they’re younger, they will need annual check-ups, too. This ensures that they aren’t sick and they’re receiving all the nutrients they need to maintain a healthy life. Most vets will advise that your pet receive a check-up at least twice a year. Once you find an emergency animal hospital and veterinarian that you prefer, you can book your annual appointments with them.

3. Potential dental disease

Just like humans, pets can have issues with their teeth. It may be difficult for a pet owner to recognize that something is wrong or to understand how to resolve the issues. That’s why taking your pet into the vet or an emergency animal hospital can be so helpful. They can assess your pet to check for any signs of dental disease like loose teeth, chronic pain, or abscesses. Statistics show that around 80% of dogs and 70% of cats will suffer from some type of dental disease by the time they are three years old.

4. Avoid fleas

Fleas can be a frustrating aspect of owning a pet, especially if you take your pet outdoors. You have to make sure to manage your pet’s flea medication in order to combat your pets getting fleas. Luckily, there is medication you can purchase at your vet to give monthly to your pet to prevent them from getting fleas.

If you miss a dose of the medication or have yet to give any to your pet, it may have fleas. They are known to jump 8 inches high which is more than 150 times its height. Due to this, they can easily make a home on your pet. They can also live for more than 100 days without a meal.

Heading to your vet’s office and asking for a flea check and flea medicine is a simple way to keep your pet healthy and happy. Don’t skip this step even if your pet doesn’t go outside. It’s still important to check and make sure they’re not infested with fleas.

Once you find the perfect vet and emergency animal hospital to take your pet to, some of the pressure is off. Having a location already selected and your pet registered makes it easier if your pet does need emergency care. That way you can enjoy all the fun times with your furry friend and worry less.

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