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How Long Has Your Pet Been with Your Family?

Written by Pet Magazine on April 19th, 2017. Posted in Emergency vet services, Veterinary oncology arizona, Veterinary options

Pet rattlesnake bite

Your neighbor’s family has grown by four feet!
They are so excited about their newest little family member that they sent out an email to all of their friends and family introducing Daiken, the newest addition to their family.

Question: Daiken? What kind of name is that?
Answer:It is a shortened version of Daikokuken, one of the seven Japanese gods of good fortune. Our previous Doxie was named for one of the seven as well.
Question:How is the name pronounced?
Answer:It actually rhymes with bacon. So, “What’s shakin’ Daiken,” is an appropriate greeting.
Question:How old is he?
Answer:He is almost 12 weeks old, and weighs nearly six pounds. He will probably only get about 11 to 14 pounds by the tim