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Pet Magazines Like the Dog Fancy Magazine are Useful

Written by Pet Magazine on February 27th, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Pet magazine

Pet magazines are a big seller among pet owners in America. Over half of the households in America have pets now. This represents a big increase from the number of households that had pets back in 1956, when only about 40 percent of American households owned family pets. The percentage of American households that owned dogs back in 1956 was 35 percent , but in 1996 there were 43 percent of households with dogs as pets. Dogs seem to be the most popular pets to own. There are more households with dogs than cats today.

There are usually articles of interest in a pet magazine that one can buy and read to keep up with the latest news on pets. The type of pet you have will determine the type of pet magazine you buy. For instance, if you like birds, you’ll find a really good pet fancy magazine dedicated just to exotic birds that people have for pets.

These days, they even have chicken magazines for people to buy and keep as pets. A lot of people are really enjoying raising backyard chickens. With the added benefit of getting their eggs from their chickens, it does make sense to have them. There are not too many chicken magazines being published yet however. When it comes to dogs though, you’ll find a wealth of dog magazines.

The best selling pet magazines are the ones that are like the Dog Fancy Magazine. People with dogs can get a subscription to the Dog Fancy Magazine online. One can simply Google the term ‘fancy dog magazine’ and find the links that will take you to information on the Dog Fancy Magazine where you can also order a subscription. When you take your dog to a veterinarian’s office they usually have a current copy of the Dog Fancy Magazine in there for dog owners to read. There are invaluable guides for dog owners in the magazine. You can find out how to best budget for pet care and what to give your dogs to help them maintain overall good health. The Dog Fancy Magazine also has tons of articles offering training tips and such as well. You’ll also find out about the latest nutritional news coming out for dog owners today in dog magazines today.

Healthy Food Makes Healthy Dogs

Written by Pet Magazine on February 27th, 2013. Posted in Healthy dog treats, Peanut butter dog treats, Wheat free dog treats

Peanut butter dog treats

In seven years, a female dog and her female offspring can produce a combined number of 4,372 puppies. That is a whole lot of dogs to keep healthy. Dogs love vegetables. Dogs love to eat veggies like carrots, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, beans and they even fruits like melon, apples and bananas. Watch out for raisins, grapes and onions however, as they harmful and should never be fed to dogs. Thirty six of dog owners give their dogs birthday gifts. Because they are family. So we should be as concerned about their health as we are our own.

Instead of the old prepackages stuff, we should buy our dogs healthy dog treats. Ours has a gluten intolerance so he gets wheat free dog treats. My kids and I have fun making peanut butter dog treats. And Spot loves the peanut butter dog treats! They are healthy and made from natural ingredients. I would never feed my kids gross budget food with no nutritional value, so I will not feed it to my dog either. These peanut butter dog treats are very easy to make and the kids like preparing food for their beloved pet.

I can not imagine any dog not loving these peanut butter dog treats. But I suppose that every dog is different. One study published in 2010 from The American Naturalist found that the skulls of dogs differ as much as skulls between completely different species. Dogs that different are about to have different taste. One thing that remains the same across the board though is that healthy food makes happy dogs. Your dog will love these peanut butter dog treats.